BioDriv Öst
The 1925 Bugatti Type23 Brescia
BMW R 18 First Edition
PREDATOR Identity+Imagery+Video
A Swedish company that restomod cars from the early 70's era, cars like Dodge Charger and Challenger. Predator gives the classic cars new life with new engines, new technology etc.
Red dust dusk
Photography – JAGUAR F-PACE
Shot Jaguar F-PACE in Scotland, Isle of Skye.
Fashion photography & film for Maya Delorez
Video and photography for equestrian brand Zaczess
Photography & video for Cuero in 2022
Bifolders and CGI for SIB Products
OATLAWS – Video, photography, CGI
Personal work. Fashion stylist Aubrey, me and Varaa shot this in a morning in Windhoek, Namibia.
Photography – Rainwear brand TRETORN
Photography for the Swedish rainwear brand Tretorn. Shot in Scotland, November 2019.
Photography – Dodge Durango + Karl Kani
Photography for Newsafe
Photography – Black friday campaign for Cuero Design
Photography – SUP with Jenny
Portrait & product photography – IDA VIKFORS
For artist Ida Vikfors.
Logotype & visual identity for Autosail
Musch Details in Maspalomas
Their new collection in a summer vibe.
Photography –Puustelli mini kitchen
Production video and stills for Svensk Madrassdesign
Deadvlei, Namibia – Landscape photography
Personal work. Landscape photography of Deadvlei in Namibia.
Lifestyle shoot for jewelry brand Emma Israelsson
Headed to Gran Canaria to shoot for jewelry brand Emma Israelsson.
Product shoot for Cuero Design
Product photography for Cuero Design.
The Alpaca Blanket
Product photography and brochure design of the alpaca blanket from Cuero Design.
A story about dedication and two best friends journey of growing as a team.
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