I grew up with a cracked version of Photoshop, electric guitars and Nintendo. I created templates for websites, album covers and band tees. My curiosity for creating later led me to the arts of photography, music and filmmaking.
I believe in lifelong learning. My knowledge is a blend of self-discovery and formal study in Art Direction and Marketing at Berghs School of Communication.
My puzzle has no corners, and I will never complete the picture. I surround myself with people who inspire and challenge me to achieve greater things.
I love to create – photography, film, directing – everything that involves being a creator. 
Though I often work solo, my team, comprised of creative friends, shares my passion. Together, we can provide you with the whole package – from concept and strategy to advanced visualization and high-end content.
My core mission is to create content that resonates with your audience and helps you succeed.
//Robin Lave Ohlausson
Music is a big part of my life – I write music and lyrics but the dream of being a rockstar is not that important anymore. I still take it serious tho – like everything I do. Check out my band Vengha at Spotify.
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